the yes list

Ask yourself these questions. Call or email us, if the “yes’s” add up:

• We know our mission and believe we can do more.

• We have a vision and goals but lack a campaign plan.

• Our Board wants to help but does not know how.

• We think we need more staff, more resources.

• We talk about endowment building––planned giving––but don’t follow through.

• We want to do our jobs better.

• We see opportunity but do not know where the funding is.

• We struggle every year to balance budgets.

• We know major gifts is the right strategy, but are not making headway.

• We have talked about a capital campaign but are not underway…cannot get started.

• We started a campaign but fell short of our goal.

• We hear the buzz words––relationship building, moves management––but remain stuck in old patterns.

Original Inscription from the Concord, New Hampshire Baptist Church, Current Home of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

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